During our beta-phase, we are allowing approximately 1,000 registrations to test out all our functions, find mistakes and spelling errors, discover the broken links, and let us know what needs improving.  We do this to make sure we get everything just right.  We are hoping to launch on ACL weekend, 2014, so stay tuned for more information.

We will be choosing several moderators and regional admins once we get a good, healthy user base and see how active you are.  The more active you are, the more likely we will choose you to become an admin.  Upon launch, our regional admins will be invited to come work for WTHU? full time as a paid employee.




Do you own a club, bar, or other type of venue?  Have you, or you and your friends, started a band or musical group?  Are you a venue or event manager and want to promote your music related event, convention, or festival?  Then yes, you are a high priority beta user, and right after you register we would like you to email our CIO, Chris, for information, including money- making opportunities during the beta phase. Email:


Will – Our Founder, Current Owner, and CEO of What’s The Hook-Up?, a local company registered in Austin, TX, USA.  This is where Will makes his home, and it is the location of WTHU? headquarters.  E-mail:

Chris – Chris takes care of all things related to website programming and information tracking.  He is our CIO, and is currently acting-CFO as well. E-mail:

Caroline – Caroline is our marketing guru.  In addition to physical marketing (ie. radio, television, print), she also helps further the WTHU? brand with direct marketing by creating our pamphlets and almost all other printed materials. E-mail:

Server Upgrades Complete

So, with our server upgrades now complete, we are looking to start our process of getting users in and getting the system going.  So, if your interested in making some extra side money, just register for free and get started.  If you have any questions or are experiencing any issues with the site, please click the support menu link, and fill out a support ticket. We are getting thru tickets right now in no more then 24 hours. As the site seems to be pretty rock solid.

The Team @WTHU?

Now that things are going…

Just a few side notes to all our beta users.  Just to help ease the amount of questions and such…

Firstly, please bear with us on the page load times.  Do give it up to 5 to 6 seconds to load the first time.  We are running a LARGE site on a VERY small tiny way under powered server.  Basically, we are trying to pull a horse trailer with a dozen horses in it using a Geo Prizm.  I’m getting my server to do things it just should not be doing.

How can you fix this you ask?  Quite simple really. The server I need runs $400 a month, which will give the local section and feeds instant page load times.  I simply can not afford to pay this out of my own pocket, and the site just isn’t generating that much income yet.  As it states in our core value section, we will NEVER put up banner ads or pop-ups.  But in order to get the better server we need support from our users.  How do we do that? We get other users to register, set up profiles and start posting like our active users.  We ask them to add listings into our directory and post on our forums, etc.

Currently, we are NOT accepting registrations for Basic & Premium user accounts as we’re still beta testing, so currently the only way for us to draw any income is through our donations button. To find it, look on the left hand side of the front page, scroll down a little, and you’ll see it.  In the mean time, please bear with us. I have tried increasing page load times using an array of techniques.  To begin, I’ve moved all our pics, vids, & other media to the Amazon CloudFront to speed up content delivery. I also have enabled some caching mechanisms, so you may experience some delays in your postings showing on the site. (Sort of like Craigslist)

However, for the user that brings us an investor, WTHU? will be paying a $1,000 bounty the day the deal is made official.  We are of course always open to accepting partners for buy-in revenue. This is another way we will be able to get the servers we need.   If you’re an investor, and you’re interested in buying in to WTHU?, during our Beta Phase will be the ONLY time we will be accepting partners.  Our company will forever remain a Texas LLC, and we will NEVER have shareholders.

Our foremost priority is delivering our user-community the best, most reliable, and accurate information to aid in helping them plan their social lives.  Everyone has busy schedules; No longer spend hours trying to figure out where to go and what to do. Your participation will earn you MASSIVE discounts, awesome coupons, killer contests, and the best giveways the net has to offer.

So, Clef, how do I protect myself against Ebola?

Clef’s Notes

So, everyone seems to be getting all worried about the Ebola thing. It’s a VERY simple thing to protect yourself. THE ONLY WAY
YOU CAN CATCH IT IS FROM DIRECTLY TOUCHING SOMEONE AND EXCHANGING BODY FLUIDS!!! CDC says so right on their website, here’s a shortcut link for y’all:

So no need to get all freaked out unless you’re going around fondling sick people, so relax.  If you don’t believe us, just go check out the CDC’s website for yourself.  The most important thing if you want to lessen your chances of exposure is to NOT go around places where lots of people are, or where lots of people touch common things like door knobs in public bathrooms, or food establishments , etc.


Major Updates Complete

Industrial worker with wrench and gears. Conceptual illustrationOkay everyone, so I put an entirely new face on the site, getting ready for official launch, welcome to our rough draft off the final design.  Hopefully this new design along with the ram upgrade I did and moving all media over to the Amazon Cloud Front giving amazing speed and reliability world wide.  As always, with new changes come new problems.  Near as I can tell everything seems to be working famously.

Next I will be continuing to further fine tune the profile pages and activity feeds.  But I made the social functions more readily and prominently featured, hopefully to encourage more growth.

As always, if you experience any issues with anything, please click on the Support tab and submit a bug report, and be sure to check the beta forums for any updates, I usually post my minor daily updates there, and my huge updates and collective service packs here.

Thanks for your support!

Chris – CIO

BETA Updates

Hey everyone, as I go along I will occasionally make posts, all with the same title of Beta updates.  I’m gonna try and list all the areas I changed.

– Added customizable “My Home” section in your profile area.  Sort of like iGoogle was before they did away with it.

– Added verified badges for those accounts that have proved identity.

– Added system for users to report any inappropriate content or content that violates our terms of service.

– Added sub-system for sharing other web content from the web on WTHU? just like the facebook share button. (I’m working on a button for this, but the backend is working

– Corrected the anti-spam security question so it should work now for apple devices

– Added User flagging sub-system to allow users to report content that violates our terms of service

– Put up rough draft our terms of service

– Added party troop email functions

– Switched sitewide emails from realtime (as they are posted) to a once daily digest (this will become configurable by each user soon)

– Added sub-system to allow you to automatically post what you post on WTHU? on your Facebook Profile

– Added a profile views statistic to user profiles

– Added our Instagram Account & Twitter Live feeds to the site.

– Added Bookmarklet for sharing links across the web on WTHU?, basically like the Share On Facebook links you see everywhere

– Added user customizable My Home page with various widgets (more widgets coming soon)

– Added pop up fields when hovering over any profile avatar thumbnails.

More to come.  If any of you have any suggestions, be sure to post on the forums about it.


The Staff @ WTHU?

Google Turns 16!

googles-16th-birthday-4613606054297600-hpWow, can you believe it’s been 16 years since Google came out?!?! So, Google is old enough to drive now, but you can’t have sex with Google yet, damn.  She’s such a hot teenager!  lol That’s crazy as hell.  According to Wikipedia Google was founded on September 4th, 1998.  I remember, when I was in the 4th grade, there wasn’t even such a thing as the internet.  The realization that I was getting old really sunk in when my 10 year old  niece was complaining that the internet was out.  My response to her, “Ya know, when I was your age, we didn’t have *puts of fingers in quotes* INTERNET, we only had 50 cable TV Channels, Atari, & Nintendo ORIGINAL”, she asked, what’s a Nintendo Original.  Good God, I’m 34 years old, about to turn 35, why do I feel so ancient?